Family day is important. It serves as an opportunity for the family to experience new things together. It also bridges gaps to maintain healthy and good relationships with one another. Besides, there’s a lot of things to do to have a family day and one of those is doing day trips. A day or few of experiencing new things together with family will surely become treasures of a lifetime.

Now, to do a day trip with our family, a lot of things must be settled and the very first thing is the destination, as well as the expenses and transportation. By doing this, we can see to it that a happy and worth it day trip will be experienced by our family.

Moreover, here are the following free day trips for our family that we should consider!


Going for a picnic with our family can be the simplest yet most memorable experience to cherish for a lifetime. Here, we can visit parks, lay a mat, and have a simple talk with the family. We can also bring foods and snacks to complement the calm conversation and view. Some becomes shy in doing picnics and only few does this. However, picnics are great, and we can create a lot of memories form it, plus it does not require multiple expenses. Picnics only prove that the happiest moments in life can be done in simple ways.

Visit a Museum

A good day trip can be turned into a trivial and knowledgeable one by visiting a museum. If we know a museum nearby, then we can take this chance to spend time with our family. Here, we can see and teach our children with lots of trivia and historical facts that they can share with other people. They will also become aware of their roots both local and foreign, as well as other amazing facts about anything. In the US, we can look up articles for things to do in Norfolk, Virginia or in other famous cities to find the best museums and plan a trip there. It might just be worth it because we can also see other attractions in the city, visit local restaurants, and have fun as a family.

Another thing, visiting a museum does not need too many expenses as we are going to pay only for the food and ticket. So, why don’t we put double benefits in our day trips to a museum?

Visit an Amusement Park

Kids are total fans of amusements parks where they can enjoy, scream, play, and have fun to their fullest. This then makes a visit to an amusement park one of the best day trips that we can consider for our next family day. Here, our kids and even we can have a good time. We can play games, eat a lot of snacks and foods, meet new people, and a more. We can also try different rides that’ll surely make us scream our hearts out. Isn’t it great even in imagination?

Do Volunteering

Family days can be done with great intentions and essences. One of those is by volunteering in different programs and projects hosted either by private or government sectors. It can be a tree planting project, garbage picking, visiting senior houses, doing charities, and so many more. This is a great day trip since we can teach our kids good values and servicing the public that might interest them more in the future. Another great thing about this is that volunteering develops sense of humanity to our children, and they will be instilled with realizations in life.

Beach Trip

Next, we have a beach trip which is commonly done for a day trip during family days. Here, we can look for a nearby beach and visit it for a time of relaxation and rest. We can swim and try out a lot of water activities. Included here are beach volleyball, sandcastle making for the kids, riding a jet ski, water slides, and more. We can also rent a bike from the likes of Hilton Head bike rentals to enjoy the sun and the waves.

Moreover, we can try fishing, snorkeling, diving, or just a fun swim. A lot of things are offered in beaches that’s why it is on top picks for things to do in a day trip.

These fun activities are only some that we can consider for our next day trip with family. Let us keep in mind that our family is everything and making time and memories with them bring no regrets in the end.

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