Starting your own exercise routine can be difficult because you want to make sure you are hitting all the vital muscle groups without hurting yourself. A HIIT class stands for High-Intensity Interval Training, and it is amazing for hitting all your body groups and helping you to feel refreshed and energized! But what can we do to make our workout a success?


The first thing is that you need to have the most relevant equipment, so a mat, chair, some dumbbells, and obviously your gym gear. This is so that you can prepare yourself for a fully energized and effective workout. The point of a HIIT class is to incorporate cardio into controlled weighted exercises so that you can burn the most amount of fat and gain the muscle back.


So, to get started you will need to think about the relevant exercises that you need to do such as dumbbell squats, burpees, star jumps, weighted lunges, and a majority of other exercises for different amounts of time and for a different number of sets and rest times. So, for a more intense workout you might like to do 40 seconds of exercise and 20 seconds rest for 2 sets but for a less intense workout you would do it for less time but with more sets.


The following are some good quality workouts to do in your HIIT class:


  • Squats

These can be done in so many ways, regular, sumo, pulsing, dumbbell, and thrusters. They all do similar things but varying ways to focus on elements of the legs and bottom. A regular squat is effective for getting lower and really tightening the muscles around your bottom and quads, you can really focus on this area and work to keep your back straight and your body low. You can then incorporate pulsing into the squats, holding them, or even adding weights to give your body that extra pressure to build muscle.


  • Burpees

Not everyone’s favorite workout but so good for cardio and your whole body. You can start off slowly with easy burpees where you put your hands on the floor followed by your legs and then slowly bring your body back up. Then you start to bring your body down and add a jump and then after this you pull your whole chest to the ground. This slowly builds up your strength and cardio abilities, until you get that desired shape that you want.


  • Push-ups

A meanie but a goodie, push-ups are great for building upper body strength and strengthening your core. No matter if you do kneel or full push-ups it will exert your upper body strength and help you to be the best version of yourself. Although make sure that you are focusing on keeping your body straight and going straight down to the floor rather than doing half push-ups and not even lifting your body. Effective push-ups are a great way to build strength!


  • Triceps Curl

This is a way to no involve cardio but work to strengthen your body and start transforming that fat into muscle. You hold the dumbbells one in each hand and then you lift and curl the weight as you lift it towards your body and then do the same as you take it down. The more controlled the weight the better effect it will have on your body which is a very good thing.


To conclude, a HIIT workout is key to focusing on multiple parts of the body all in one go, and most of the time they only take 30 minutes! These are only a few workouts that you can do but looking at fitness websites and videos will help you to find the elements that work best for you and push you towards your full potential!

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