There are two types of travel: one that you do alone, and one that you do with your friends. For those of you who are traveling to new places alone, this post is a guide to finding your own adventure, with tips to help you on your solo travels. Whether you’re new to the world of solo travel or have been traveling solo for years, this guide will help you navigate the sometimes intimidating world of solo female travel.

A Guide to Traveling the World Solo

If you’re a woman who travels on her own, you’re undoubtedly a unique breed. You may be one rebellious, adventurous soul who lives life on the edge and embraces the unconventional. Or you may be a serious planner and planner-by-night who takes every adventure seriously. Either way, you’re one of the few women who can actually do it.

To help you more, here some tips to remember:

  • Be prepared. If you’re planning on traveling alone, it’s no good to be unprepared with everything you need to stay safe, healthy, and in good shape. When traveling solo, the most important thing about any trip is the safety and comfort of yourself and your travel belongings. Therefore, the best policy is to be prepared before you leave.


  • Research the destination in advance. Planning in advance and researching the destination you are going to can be a great help. It’s a good idea to research your destination before you leave. If you have a list of things you want to see and do, you’ll be able to do a lot more and really enjoy your trip instead of rushing from one thing to another like a tourist. This way, you’ll avoid making many poor decisions that could have been avoided.


  • Prepare a personal list of what you will need. It is never fun to think about all the things you need when you travel alone, but even if you have traveling experience, it is impossible to list everything. There is an art to packing efficiently and without stressing about the weight, you will be carrying. Pack the right clothes, which will help you stay active and awake, and have the right equipment to help you survive the things that typically happen while traveling, such as the need to go to the bathroom. Bring a hand towel, toilet paper, soap, and a small washcloth. If you can, bring some travel-sized toiletries.


  • Book the flight a few months in advance. You may have already checked the prices of flights on various apps and come to the conclusion that it’s very expensive. One way to get past all of this hassle would be to use a secure vpn. A VPN can hide your IP address with one click. For instance, if tickets to your preferred destination are cheaper on a French website than on a UK one, choose a server in France as it might help the internet think you’re a French user. If you are doing all of this, you should be able to get away to your country of choice without too much fuss.


  • Don’t walk around alone at night. For the love of God, don’t walk alone at night. If you have to, walk with a friend. Although it may seem like a great idea to stroll down the streets of a city by yourself at night, it is, in fact, a very dangerous situation. With the crime rate increasing worldwide, the need to stay safe is more important than ever. As a solo female traveler, it is essential that you take all necessary precautions while traveling alone.


  • Invest in pickpocket-proof bags and clothing. If you are a woman traveling alone, you are at a greater risk of getting pickpocketed than if you were a man traveling alone. This is because the men who would be pickpocketed would have a potentially better chance of fighting back, meaning they are more likely to come out on top. Low-key clothing is an effective way to protect yourself from pickpockets, as it makes you look less conspicuous and less attractive to potential thieves. There are many different types of low-key clothing, and it is important to choose the right kind for you.


  • Always trust your gut as a safety tip. Trust your instincts and listen to your body when it tells you something is wrong or needs attention. Losing your intuition can be a dangerous thing, as it could lead to regret and trouble. When you feel that something is wrong, trust your gut feeling and get out of the situation as quickly as possible.

Many of us have fantasies of that one last adventure we want to do before we turn 30, but it’s too intimidating to make it a reality. The problem with taking solo trips is that you have to plan it by yourself, and that puts a lot of pressure on you to be a pro at organizing and packing. This is why we’ve created this guide, which will help you plan and execute the perfect solo trip, even if you’re not the most organized person in the world.

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